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Since 2012, Cracow has at last been able to have an easy mind, knowing that there’s no threat lurking for IT Kontrakt’s projects. Once, we slew the Dragon. Today, we’re taming the beasts of the IT market while developing our Shared Services. Find us near Bulwary Wiślane and see for yourself how we work!

Tomasz Borski
Branch Director
Recruitment Team Leader
Business Line Manager


IT Kamp is intended to be a cyclic event held by specialists in various areas of Internet technologies. The purpose of the meetings is to pass substantial knowledge to IT practitioners and enthusiasts. During the first IT Kamp event, we focused on the subject of...
Kamp speaker Paweł Konior, a web novelty aficionado, delivered a detailed presentation of good practices of automated test development. Drawing his knowledge directly from his professional experience, he shared his observations and know-how. The participants saw for themselves how to correctly create page objects, helpers,...
Last week’s IT Kamp #4 at Pauza In Garden attracted quite a large audience - both enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs willing to cooperate.

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7 Ludwinowska Street

Tel. +48 517 021 974

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