Doing Business in Malaysia – workshops in Warsaw and Poznan

IT Kontrakt has been present in Malaysia since 2016. It is continuously growing and effectively using the potential offered by the ASEAN member states, which guarantee access to well-qualified and skilled ICT staff.

IT Kontrakt has been present in Malaysia since 2016. It is continuously growing and effectively using the potential offered by the ASEAN member states, which guarantee access to well-qualified and skilled ICT staff.

Have you ever wondered what our Kuala Lumpur operation looks like? Who heads the departments? Do cultural differences impact recruitment? What conditions must the employer meet to attract the candidate’s interest in the job offer? Is Malaysia the employer’s or the employee’s market? What tasks must be tackled to ensure our company’s most effective operation? Our workshops aimed to answer the above questions and provide an outline of the range of services we offer in Kuala Lumpur.

Taking advantage of the visit from Agata Tomasik – Managing Director of IT Kontrakt Services Sdn. Bhd. in Poland, we organised a workshop named “Doing Business in Malaysia”, held from January 12 to 15, 2018. The guests, thanks to the commitment of the local leaders Mathi Kathasama – HR Department, Joey Lum – Recruitment Department, and Milkah Calleb – SOS Department, had an opportunity to listen to short interviews about the departments’ operation and the very work for IT Kontrakt in Kuala Lumpur. A lot of positive emotions mixed with astonishment were caused by stories about business situations experienced by Agata Tomasik during her almost two years’ tenure as the head of the company’s Malaysian branch. The Service Managers attending the workshop presented the current cooperation models, i.e. Testing Factory, as well as select projects delivered under the Managed Services and T&M models we use in both countries. Service Coordinator Piotr Carli and Quality Manager Wojciech Kobiałko talked about Testing Factory, where the teams’ cooperation is going smoothly and in a well-organised fashion, despite the time difference. Service Delivery Team Leader Marta Czeszejko-Sochacka gave a talk about Managed Services indicating both the advantages and a possibility of threats stemming from the team’s working in different time zones.

The subjects brought up included the very important issue of cultural differences and their impact on the organisation’s development. We need to remember that what entrepreneurship means is primarily people. As a company with branches in different parts of the world, we are aware of the fact that the basis of expansion into overseas markets is the understanding of the local culture, also in business terms. In answer to the above, we undertake a number of actions aiming to ensure better understanding and streamlining of cooperation. These are, among other things, weekly meet-ups with Managed Services and Testing Factory coordinators, socio-cultural workshops allowing better insight in the co-workers’ culture, as well as meetings oriented towards know-how, showing the difference between doing business in Europe and Asian countries.

“Over the past 18 months, we have built strong internal departments, including HR, Recruitment, SOS, and Accounts. We have found out about the conventions of the Asian labour market and employed a large team of engineers who perfectly handle their projects. With the knowledge of cultural differences we’ve acquired, we’re capable of managing work in a skilful and well-thought-out manner. We deliver projects under the T&M, MS, and Testing Factory (Fixed) models. Another stage of our growth is the launch of a Software Delivery Centre and business development among Clients, both European and Asian ones. While we’re very happy with the results of the past 18 months’ work, we realise how much of it is still ahead of us. Constant growth and a focus on the quality of our services are parts of IT Kontrakt’s DNA, so we’re really interested in what future will bring” – says Business Unit Director Michał Tomasik.

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