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On October 2, 2017, IT Kontrakt changed the way it communicates with social media users. We talked to the president of the company Leszek Kowalczykiewicz about the new guidelines.


Agnieszka Włodarczak (AW): When looking at the changes on IT Kontrakt’s LinkedIn profile, you could say that something is definitely going on…


Leszek Kowalczykiewicz (LK): Yes, it’s true. We’ve just launched our new communication scheme on LinkedIn and added a “Corporate culture” tab to IT Kontrakt’s profile. There, we introduce the visitor to the company’s organisation, its values, and – most importantly – the team. For this purpose, we decided to use individualised artwork made by a graphic artist, which presents information about IT Kontrakt in an original way. This is how the new graphics on the profile came into being, as well as the new layout of job adverts or posts. We introduced the same communication style on our Facebook profile to standardise the whole of IT Kontrakt’s employer branding communication in social media.


AW: That’s an interesting direction. Why the idea?


LK: We are aware of the fact that all companies that have profiles on LinkedIn showcase themselves through their employees. It’s inherent in this medium. As opposed to resisting it, we wanted to do it in a different way, i.e. by building our own identity. What inspired us was the characteristic of our audience. IT people are remarkable individuals with a good sense of humour and connoisseurs of graphic communication who can appreciate a creative message. When developing the new communication model, our intention was to make it correlate with this specificity.

However, the artwork in itself is not enough. The biggest value we want to focus on is the personalities that make up IT Kontrakt’s corporate culture. Our new communication model aims to make IT Kontrakt come across as, first of all, people of many passions and an organisation that tries to create a space where these passions can be fulfilled, either in the professional arena or in the employees’ private lives. This direction is attested to by IT Kontrakt Ambassadors and genuine opinions of employees we know by their names.


AW: While we’re at it… Who are IT Kontrakt Ambassadors?


LK: We didn’t have to look for Ambassadors because they’ve been with us for a few years already as cooperators running meetups or writing articles on IT technologies. “Make sense in IT”, “Qatowice”, “Brain IT out” or “IT Kamp” are initiatives which are already very well-known in the IT world, attracting a faithful following. We support and promote these events, as well as recognising their importance to their originators, the whole line of business, and IT Kontrakt itself. Importantly, our IT Kontrakt Ambassadors formula isn’t limited only to the area of IT. We’re open to initiatives of people from other backgrounds, who also want to be active in sharing their knowledge. We’re creating a space for all these people’s voices and we’re proud that people with such skills and experience are building the value of IT Kontrakt as an expert in the field of IT.


AW: Thank you for the conversation.

The interview was conducted by Agnieszka Włodarczak – PR Manager at IT Kontrakt


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