Poland doesn’t seem so distant anymore

Jonathan Jer Yang Teo recently joined IT Kontrakt Services Sdn. Bhd. He gained his Software QA experience working for global brands all over the world such as SportingNews.com, Cable Vision, StarHub. Privately, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Loves spending leisure outdoors especially with sportfishing in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Passionate about motorsport related activities and an adventurous foodie keen to taste the different types of food while travelling. Despite his tight schedule, he was so kind to answer a couple of questions asked by Magdalena Faldyna – Communication Manager at IT Kontrakt Poland.

Magdalena Fałdyna (MF): Jonathan, two weeks of your stay in Poland are already past you. Before we talk about your first impressions, I’d like to ask if you’d prepared for this visit in any way. Had you read about our country and things that could surprise you here?

Jonathan Teo (JT): In fact, before I flew to Poland I’d googled a few things, such as the weather forecast, the currency, and local delicacies worth trying.

MF: The distance between Malaysia and Poland is a staggering 9,000 kilometres! Is this the most remote place you’ve visited? Have you had an opportunity to visit Europe before?

JT:  I’m sure it’s one of the farthest trips I’ve taken. Before, I’ve visited France, the UK, and the USA.

MF: What’s your general impression of Warsaw?

JT: The first thing was the warm welcome I received from the IT Kontrakt delegation at the Warsaw airport, right after I flew from Kuala Lumpur. I couldn’t have wished for a better one! Asia and Damian showed me the most important places in the city, making my first moment in Warsaw very enjoyable. When walking around Warsaw, I experienced the positive energy that was everywhere around me. What’s more, Poles are well-dressed. There are many restaurants, but – unfortunately – in most of them the menu is only in Polish. What surprises me are the trams on the roads and the multitude of modern developments under construction. I must admit that it’s a vibrant city. Fantastic!

MF: Did you find anything particularly surprising?

JT: I don’t think so, to be honest…

MF: Polish cuisine is very tasty. Foreigners usually appreciate our traditional dishes, and one of the most popular of these is dumplings, beyond doubt. Have you already had an opportunity to taste them? Have you taken to Polish tastes?

JT: Oh yes, the dumplings with lemonade were very good. But I must try more Polish dishes!

MF: You must have observed some differences in our countries’ work cultures. What are the qualities you appreciate about the Polish professional environment? Are there any values in your country that you’d instil in Poles?

JT: One of the most evident characteristics of the Polish environment is a possibility of working remotely. It’s reflected by your healthy work-life balance, which is amazing!

MF: Thank you for the conversation. I hope the rest of your stay in Warsaw is successful!

JT:It’s my pleasure. Thank you.

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