Profile of the new co-CEO in IT Kontrakt

In March 2018 Wojciech Mach joined IT Kontrakt and took the newly created post of co-CEO. Together with Tomasz Pyrak, they are put in charge of the company. Born in Lublin but definitely a citizen of the world. Despite his very tight schedule, he found a moment to present his vision for IT Kontrakt development.

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: Welcome to IT Kontrakt! We’re happy to have you with us! What made you make the decision?

Wojciech Mach: There is a combination of factors that had influenced my decision. First of all, I excel in organizations which are positioned for explosive growth. IT Kontrakt is definitely at this stage and I can see its great prospects for the future. Moreover, it is a very interesting project – we have a unique opportunity to prove that the good reputation of Polish programmers may also be applied to Polish IT companies. We can win contracts with the biggest companies, being better than competitors from India or USA.

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: What does such an experienced manager expect from an employer?

Wojciech Mach: Definitely confidence and support. Only manager who has been entrusted by his company is enabled to make real difference. Without trust, good decision-making, critical to improve position of the company on the market, is impaired. I need confidence and support from the Supervisory Board and, at the same time, my team should expect the same from me. I am going to work out a strategy in cooperation with Tomasz Pyrak and the rest of the team. Then we can maintain coherent and accurate messaging to the both clients’ and candidates’ markets.

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: You have extensive experience that you gained in global companies, such as: P&G, HP, Luxoft, both in Poland and abroad. For the next few years you are going to run IT Kontrakt. So what is your idea for development of our business?

Wojciech Mach: Over the coming years I would like to work on two priorities. First of all, I will work with managers to build solid foundations for a winning team to manage the company in the future. We need to capture company’s culture, with sets of behaviours and skills, supported by essential tools for accomplishing all tasks ahead. The second focus area is all about acquisition of new clients worldwide simply by being better and more customer obsessed than competitors.

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: IT Kontrakt is already a well-established company on our home market. Can it still surprise ICT sector in Poland with anything special?

Wojciech Mach: Yes, absolutely! We are going to work hard to reinforce our market position and build up brand recognition of IT Kontrakt at the same time. It is achievable through implementing innovative technologies and pioneering projects as well as cooperating with new clients. I believe that IT Kontrakt can take the lead in many technological domains and set a benchmark for other companies on the market.

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: What factors are of key importance to succeed in ICT sector? Is it the quality of services? The company’s position? References? Or innovativeness and flexibility towards clients and employees?

Wojciech Mach: I think that clients appreciate a lot the high quality of services and flexibility of a supplier. However, to paraphrase a quote from Sir Richard Branson, the clients feel taken care of  only if the company have taken care of their employees first.

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: What is your rule for running business, assuming we want to achieve great things?

Wojciech Mach: „Do epic!”

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: And who is Wojciech Mach “after hours”?

Wojciech Mach:  I’m a father. Moreover, I am searching for personal development anytime, anywhere. There I got passion for reading and listening books, articles and podcasts, both those business-related and those of popular science. I also like literature and fiction novels. Also sport is a great passion of mine. I am interested mainly in sports including a combination of competitiveness and teamwork. Of course, it is not about watching television coverage, but doing the sports.  

Agnieszka Wlodarczak: Thank you very much for the conversation and I wish you every success!

Wojciech Mach: Thank you!


The interview was conducted by Agnieszka Wlodarczak – Social Media & PR Coordinator at IT Kontrakt.


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